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      Reach New Business Opportunities With Chatbots

      Power your brand with Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology that extends your presence and fulfils the needs of prospects and users in real-time. As a leading chatbot company, we are crafting intelligent bots for businesses to answer customer queries instantly at scale. Our virtual agents offer the convenience of conversational interactions through text, cards or speech on websites and popular messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and native mobile apps.

      Working with clients like Medcare Hospitals, Lifebuoy, Al-Futtaim, Sony ME, Aster Hospital, Atlantis, and many more, our AI-based chatbots have contributed to the growth of our clients across categories such as healthcare, retail, education, insurance, hospitality, logistics, pharmacies, and automotive.

      Our team of technology experts working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) combine NLP bots with live agent system integrations to create customer support and lead generation bots that helps you free up the resources of human agents so they focus on more complex customer interactions.

      At Blue Logic, we understand that every business is unique, which is why we focus on creating a custom development pipeline to ensure your chatbot meets your objectives of engagement, conversion, and support.

      Connecting with customers has changed, and your chatbot is the key to attract, retain, and engage with your customers. Imagine how much you could accomplish by bridging direct communication with your customers. The chatbot technology is gaining momentum as the most essential and successful trend that will make headway in businesses all across the globe; it’s time for you to consider Blue Logic Digital as your development partner to build strong, lasting relationships that lead to customer delight, increased sales, and brand loyalty.

      Chatbot Capabilities

      Reach out for a FREE consultation to define how custom mobile solutions can enhance your customer satisfaction, drive business growth, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

      Chatbot Use Cases Across Industries



      Query resolution, real-time appointment management, symptom checker.



      Customer support, FAQ handling, product information, lead generation, service requests.



      Admission related query handling, lead generation, booking a tour.



      Flight booking assistant, FAQs, customer support.



      Reservation management, customer support.

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