7 Reasons Why Magento Beats Other E-commerce Platforms

As per statistics, about 12% of all e-commerce sites on the Internet are run on Magento, which means nearly 250,000 merchants’ e-commerce forum is on Magento. Apparently, it makes us all question, what is it that makes Magento so amicable for e-commerce businesses? With years of expertise in analysing e-commerce needs and building intuitive solutions using Magento, we have learnings to share. Listed below are some critical reasons why Magento remains to be the top-picked e-commerce platform.

Open-source it is!

Great applications and open source have begun to go hand-in-hand. Magento is a PHP-built open-source framework, and what this literally means is that all you need is a skilled Magento developer then you can build any kind of e-commerce platform you need. That way you can have your own platform rather than dismissing your business requirements in order to adapt to a specific platform. Another benefit of Magento being an open-source platform is its community, which is very broad and extremely resourceful. All you need to build a powerful e-commerce tool that suits all your needs, from bug-fixes to the latest developments, is at your disposal on the Magento community forum.

Intuitive UX capabilities

It is important for companies to stand out in whatever way they can in today’s highly competitive digital environment, and it is even more important for businesses to be as open to consumers as they can possibly be. With Magento, you can not only design an easily navigable user interface, but you can also make store-sensitive designs and cater to all sorts of different devices. If your store’s customer interface is consistent across devices, they know they can reach you anytime, anywhere, and due to the availability of extensive connectivity, you don’t have to worry about lost sales.

Seamless integration

Magento can be incorporated with every CRM, be it Salesforce or SugarCRM. Although Magento is strong on its own, integration with Magento CRM is just what you need for unparalleled customer support and to manage business processes at ease. You can attain high-quality data-backed insights with a CRM integration and use them to dramatically improve the way users communicate with your shop. Of course, good business comes with a good user experience and that is why Magento is an even more attractive forum for your business to win your customers in the current competitive environment.

Optimized for marketing excellence

Another reason why Magento is a very good choice for an e-commerce site as if the simplicity and ease of development were not enough, is that it also helps merchants with a multitude of marketing tools and options so you can promote your business in all its glory! Magento is designed for SEO and enables merchants to rank higher on all common search engines. For your e-commerce shop, this not only attracts new potential buyers but helps retain the ones who’ve kept their faith in you at least once already. Some of the marketing choices include multi-tier pricing options, campaign landing page tools, customizable discounts, private sales, etc.

Space for advanced customizations

From the look of your website to the configuration of categories and deals, Magento lets you customise almost all. It also provides various plugins as an open-source platform, including those for accounting, billing, sorting, and shipping. As recently known, Magento tools are starting to take advantage of the Adobe intelligence layer called Sensei. To collect data and deliver more personalised recommendations, they use it in combination with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. However, if you want to heavily customise your site, the design themes by Magento may not be relevant. You might want to code from scratch in that case. Many companies partner with developers like us from Magento to build a site that meets their particular business needs and products. A badly built store where customers can not see what they are looking for does not do the job regardless of how fancy it looks, and that is why you can choose module and dashboard customization with Magento to create the ideal store for a good user experience and higher sales as a result.

Exceptional scalability

With the exception of being quick to use and incredibly flexible, Magento provides an option and a chance to evolve for its users. As scalability tops any eCommerce platform’s goals, Magento helps businesses significantly by offering hassle-free launches, effective product migration, and so on. All the data is stored and managed at a single backend office, regardless of the number of stores you plan to have. It also uses Varnish (the fastest reverse proxy and HTTP accelerator), among the most reliable caching tools, that improves the performance of the site and helps to expand online stores. Magento partners frequently update their extensions, adding to its flexibility in features, which is critical for any enterprise grade eCommerce platform. Magento is built to support all stages of your business journey and growth.

Scales through multiple stores

Managing multiple stores is now really and truly conceivable. One of Magento’s many benefits is that it helps you to run several stores at once without losing on the good parts. Individually, each store is like a master store with its own unique features and organisational entities. With each store, you should function as though it’s the only one, jointly excluding all other stores present. This is how good 24*7 online companies operate without any hiccups.

So, this is what Magento is all about. It is the best forum for your ecommerce businesses to serve all customers in the best possible way. And, in terms of features, support, plug-ins and the like, it offers nothing but the finest. Build away the most desired e-commerce platform right from the comfort of where you are.