Application of AI in the Automotive Industry: AI Powered Chatbot Elevating the Shopping Experience for Lexus UAE Customers ​

The automotive industry has emerged as a leading field, catering to both drivers and car dealers with promising technological advancements and exceptional service. The high quality of vehicles and after sales services have attracted customers across the globe. However, the key to keeping customers satisfied is by giving them their desired individual experience which includes trust, value, and delight.

Manufacturers are experiencing the great challenge of offering a more convenient, reliable and secure car shopping service to their customers in today’s fast-paced environment. The ability of a vehicle brand to be available to consumers across all processes and to respond to customer inquiries and needs is critical for excellent customer service in the automobile sector. Nowadays, customers demand instant access to information and sales services 24/7. Therefore, car dealers need to be located at any time, anywhere; they also need to be available for test drives and easy after sale servicing.

AI Chatbots were introduced to meet the demands and expectations of consumers, and as the trend of integrating chatbots into the automotive sector grows, we will address Al-Futtaim Automotive Group, who realized the need of bringing this technology to Lexus customers in the UAE and chose Blue Logic Digital to deliver this solution. 

Meet LAILA, Lexus’ Virtual Assistant 

Lexus has made significant strides over the years in the customer service arena. Given the present state of customer demand, Artificial Intelligence was the solution to fundamentally revolutionize the traditional purchase decision process of their customers by taking it to the next level with personalization, automation, and greater efficiency. 

Lexus succeeded not only by introducing high quality vehicles, but also by perfecting the customer experience through continuous innovation in digital technologies, allowing its customers to have a better customer experience from the comfort of their own homes, using the platforms they are most comfortable with. With the release of an AI-powered chatbot, Lexus was able to leverage technology to reach even closer to its consumers and give the Lexus experience it has always been renowned for by offering customers an uninterrupted interaction with the brand on their website and Facebook Messenger. 

As a company, we are pleased to announce the release of LAILA, Lexus’ virtual assistant, an AI chatbot that is available on both Messenger and the web. This being the first of its kind to be launched in the automotive industry in the UAE, the bot is designed to connect with current & potential clients in Arabic & English. 

Anytime, Anywhere

Lexus realized that conversational chatbots may be a useful addition to the decision-making process. By introducing LAILA to its customers, Lexus was able to establish a two-way discussion to assist them in the purchase process. The AI-powered chatbot in English and Arabic delivers a completely tailored, one-to-one purchase experience by linking people with the right service, providing on-demand customer care and superior after-sales support.

Lexus prioritizes the requirements of its loyal customers, therefore LAILA was developed as a solution for consumers to acquire information about specific models and the most recent offers, whether for new or pre-owned vehicles. In addition, the chatbot was designed to make it simple for Lexus customers to arrange service appointments, to request test drives, to book service appointments, all at their preferred location. Finally,  to provide feedback on their experiences.

The Solution Delivered 

To sum it up, Blue Logic Digital built a state-of-the-art, AI-powered, bilingual chatbot integrated on messenger and web, that was engineered to enable the following key tasks:

1- Handle all parts of the appointment booking process, including scheduling a test drive, a service appointment, and showroom visits at the customer’s selected location.

2- Instant access to the most recent car models, as well as complete information on interior and exterior characteristics.

3- Analysis of provided data to direct buyers to the suitable pre-owned automobile models.

4- Assist consumers in locating the nearest showrooms and service centers.

5- Instant access to the most recent deals on new, pre-owned, or after-sales products, as well as a callback service for consumers who want additional information.

6- Instant answers to customer questions about warranties, payments, and general FAQs

The Blue Logic team designed and developed this chatbot, driven by Conversation AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Entity extraction also played a crucial role in the development of this bot, due to the extensive range of vehicles and offers & the sub-categories that fall under them. 

The solution also included the below key customizations: 

1- Integration with backend systems: Product database, email, CRM, live agent

2- Conversation Design and Dialogue Management: English and Arabic (both guided/ hard-coded and open NLP conversations via deep learning). 

3- Customized UX/ UI: Conversation tone and design principles, widget customization.

4- Bot failure algorithms

Final thoughts,

Among the expanding trend of digital transformation in the automobile sector, we’ve witnessed one of the most well-executed implementations of chatbots. However, there are other sectors of the automotive business where chatbots might be utilized creatively to address consumers’ problems, and chatbots will soon be employed to undertake more complicated duties inside the automotive sector.