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Swiss International School Dubai (SISD)

Read how we used innovative and interactive content to not just create brand awareness, but also draw in student applications.

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Branding and Design

At Blue Logic, our design helps to create new brands or transform the ways in which existing ones interact with the audience. We map the user journey and craft brand interactions throughout it, telling a cohesive story from brand communications to user experience.

A key part of our process is our reach out to potential users to map their motivations and needs before we design or architect your product. It’s the perspective we gain from those conversations that make our offering unbeatable.

The Blue Logic Approach to Visual Communication


Stakeholder workshops

The Discovery phase helps our team map buyer personas and their specific needs, to later define detailed user journeys.


Definition of strategy

Defining the right medium and channel (radio, TV, print, web, video, infographics, animations, motion graphics etc.) is a critical element in this process. The Brand Guidelines drive the Tone of Voice and communication strategy.


Design Principles

Crafting wireframes, interactive prototypes and even storyboards to sketch the user journey and also define visual elements. Moreover, the data visualisation styles, aesthetics, movement, and information are tied together to tell a unified story.


Feedback and Reiterations

Taking designs and prototypes back to target users to observe interactions and get feedback.

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Success Stories

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