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Camali Clinic

Read how Camali Clinic, a multidisciplinary adult and child Mental Health service launched its smart virtual assistant.


Camali Clinic is a multidisciplinary child and adult mental health service, with centres located in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi. The clinic works within a holistic framework to ensure comprehensive and customised treatment.

  • Client:

    Camali Clinic
  • Timespan:

    5 months
  • Key Focus:

    NLP Chatbot
  • Service:

    Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

With a high number of medical inquiries every day and a sizeably smaller customer support team, scaling to an NLP-based chatbot was the vision of the Managing Director at Camali. The company wanted to explore the complete automation of the appointment booking process making this service available 24/7.

When Camali approached our team, working on a chatbot for Mental Health was an exciting challenge that we gladly accepted.

The Objectives

The objective for Blue Logic was to develop & design a chatbot that would support customers and patients in managing their appointment bookings both in-person and via Teletherapy, answer their queries thus enriching their online experience.

Below are some of the main objectives our team worked towards achieving:

  • Deploying a completely automated chatbot on the website (replacing the live chat agent).
  • Ensuring that the conversations are humanised.
  • Integrations with CRM, Payment Gateway, HIS, Web services, Google Maps and SMS Gateway.
  • Cross channel implementation strategy: scalability to Mobile App and WhatsApp.

The Solution Delivered

Blue Logic Digital built a state-of-the-art, AI-powered chatbot to manage the appointment booking system in a completely automated manner.

The bot was engineered to enable the following key tasks:

  • Handle all aspects of appointment booking management: New, Reschedule, Cancel and View upcoming appointments.
  • Real-time doctor availability: whether in-person or via a virtual tele-therapy session.
  • Instant responses to customer queries around insurance, lab reports, and general FAQs.
  • System integrations including Payment & SMS Gateway to complete the entire journey.
  • Help patients locate the healthcare centre nearest to them.

The Value Added

The implementation of a conversational AI agent was a great addition to Camali Clinic to help patients during their appointment booking process. With the demands increasing on high-quality customer support, the chatbot helped in providing a 24/7 service to all patients visiting the website, and increasing the productivity of the customer support team. The average response time decreased to less than 2 seconds too!



Client Satisfaction


2 seconds

Bot Response Time


5 months

Time to Completion
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