Camali Clinic

Read how Camali Clinic, a multidisciplinary Adult and Child Mental Healthcare provider launched their smart virtual assistant.


Camali Clinic is a multidisciplinary child and adult mental health service in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The clinic works within a multidisciplinary framework to ensure a holistic and comprehensive treatment approach.

The Challenge

With a high number of medical inquiries every day and a sizeably smaller customer support team, scaling to an NLP-based chatbot was the vision of the Managing Director at Camali. The company wanted to explore the complete automation of the appointment booking process, making this service available 24/7.

When Camali approached our team, working on a chatbot for Mental Health was an exciting challenge that we gladly accepted.

The Objectives

The objective for Blue Logic was to develop & design a chatbot that would support customers and patients in managing their appointment bookings, answer their queries and make their online experience successful.

Below are some of the main objectives that the Blue Logic team worked to achieve:

  • Deploy a completely automated chatbot on the website in place of the manually-driven live chat function.
  • Ensure that the users do not feel they are talking to a machine but to a humanized and smart virtual assistant.
  • Integrations with CRM, Payment Gateway, HIS, Web services, Google Maps and SMS Gateway.
  • Cross channel implementation strategy: scalability to Mobile App and WhatsApp.

The Solution Delivered

Blue Logic Digital built a state-of-the-art, AI-powered chatbot to manage the appointment booking system in a completely automated manner.

The bot was engineered to enable the following key tasks:

  • Handle all aspects of the appointment booking process from creating a new request, rescheduling an appointment, canceling a booking, viewing upcoming appointments.
  • Instant visibility into the availability of doctors' appointment slots to enable immediate booking.
  • Instant addressal of customer queries related to insurance, lab reports, and general FAQs.
  • Analyse preliminary symptomatic information to guide the patient to identify which specialist's appointment is required.
  • Help patients locate the healthcare centre nearest to them.

The Value Added

The implementation of a conversational AI agent was a great addition to Camali Clinic to help patients during their appointment booking process. As customer support is expected to be available anywhere and at any time, the automated feature helped in providing a 24/7 better service to all patients visiting the website while reducing the financial resources. The chatbot decreased the response time and allowed patients to connect with the clinic at any moment through the website, which enhanced the user experience. Besides, our bot rendered appointment bookings very simple and streamlined, which contributed to a significant reduction in phone calls that reduced the workload on call center employees, who subsequently demonstrated increased productivity.



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