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Chatbot Solution Providers in Dubai. Register for a quick Chatbot demo!

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Chatbot Solution Providers in Dubai. Register for a quick Chatbot demo!

Customer Support to Product Recommendation

NLP bots introduce a unique way to increase visitor engagement & enhance support.

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Chatbot Development Company in Dubai

Power your brand with Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology that extends your presence and fulfils the needs of prospects and users in real-time. Our chatbots are developed to address multiple customers queries with information at run-time (backend integrated) and instant responses. Scale your business with AI powered chatbots. Virtual agents offer the convenience of conversational interactions through text, cards or speech on customer’s favorite messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, mobile apps as well as websites.

We are one of the best chatbot companies in Dubai as our AI-based chatbots have been able to boost the business productivity of our clients by automating their day-to-day activities and processes. Among our AI chatbot development projects are conversational AI in healthcare, chatbots in retails, chatbot app development, and conversational AI for customer service. Blue Logic Digital is a chatbot development company that puts together automation with human-powered assistance to create lead generation bots. Our in-house team of chatbot developers create custom chatbot to meet your objectives of engagement, conversion, and support. Let our best chatbot solutions generate leads, automate your customer support and increase your customer satisfaction. Connect with us!

Chatbot Capabilities

Reach out for a consultation on chatbots for websites, Whatsapp bots, and Facebook AI bots to enhance customer satisfaction, attract qualified leads, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

Application across verticals



Query resolution, appointment management, finding the nearest centre, checking doctor availability in real-time, symptom-checker, checking insurance, status of lab reports and career vacancies. Chatbot for Healthcare.


Retail & eCommerce

Query resolution, lead capturing, service requests, product finder/ recommendation, finding the nearest store/ shopping online, tracking status of orders, making a payment, updating account information and career vacancies. Chatbot for Retail & eCommerce.



Query handling, admission process-related information, scheduling a virtual or school tour, fee schedules and FAQs, parent-teacher communication, student dashboards, homework and assignments, career vacancies amongst other use-cases. Chatbot for School



Flight booking assistant, flight Schedules, FAQs and customer support, careers etc.



Reservation & booking management, finding a restaurant, view menus, special offers and other service requests. Chatbot for Hospitality.

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