Healthcare Chatbot Development for Medcare Hospitals

Medcare Hospitals

Read how we leveraged a conversational AI chatbot to enhance the end-user experience by simplifying the Appointment Booking Process for a leading healthcare company in Dubai.


In the healthcare sector, inbound patient volume is one of the key metrics that drive growth. A leading healthcare organization in Dubai had already enabled live chat on their website. Web traffic analysis showed that patients were preferring to book their medical appointments using the chat option.

  • The data revealed that over 40% of their online conversions were driven by the live chat tool. This easy, non-Intrusive booking method looked promising.
  • Client:

    Medcare Hospitals
  • Timespan:

    5 months
  • Key Focus:

    AI-enabled Chatbot
  • Service:

    Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

The organization quickly acted on the data findings and decided to accelerate the appointment bookings by automating the chat functionality and making it available 24/7.

This would not only drive an increase in revenue but would also enhance the customer experience and make the appointment booking process easy and painless for patients. Automation would also reduce the burden on the contact center staff, allowing them to prioritise and allocate human resources to more value-added work and handle a higher volume of queries more efficiently and with zero increase in team size.

With this end-goal in sight, the organization approached Blue Logic Digital to deploy a completely automated chatbot to manage the appointment booking system, while ensuring that the human element in the customer interactions would not be compromised.

The Objectives

The main brief to Blue Logic Digital was to roll out a bilingual (Arabic & English) conversational Artificial intelligence agent to cater to large volumes of appointment booking requests and customer queries while enhancing the end-user experience for their patients.

Some of the key objectives for which the interface was to be designed were:

  • Deploy a completely automated chatbot on the website in place of the manually-driven live chat function.
  • Enable a bilingual conversational functionality in the chatbot to cater to both Arabic as well as English-speaking patients.
  • Ensure that a humanised conversational approach is reflected in the chatbot's responses.

The Solution Delivered

Blue Logic Digital built a state-of-the-art, AI-powered, bilingual chatbot to manage the appointment booking system in a completely automated manner.

The bot was engineered to enable the following key tasks:

  • Handle all aspects of the appointment booking process from creating a new request, rescheduling an appointment, canceling a booking, viewing upcoming appointments.
  • Instant visibility into the availability of doctors' appointment slots to enable immediate booking.
  • Instant addressal of customer queries related to insurance, lab reports, and general FAQs.
  • Analyse preliminary symptomatic information to guide the patient to identify which specialist's appointment is required.
  • Help patients locate the healthcare center nearest to them.

The Value Added

The solution delivered by Blue Logic Digital delivered substantial results within the first 6 months of deployment.

  • 10x increase in appointment bookings.
  • 24/7 presence maintained by the AI agent, across multiple customer support channels (without hiring any additional team members).
  • Increase in call centre / live-agent efficiency.
  • 20% reduction in phone calls to call center, leading to an improvement in the existing call centre team's productivity at the first point of contact for the patient.
  • Enhanced customer experience owing to the non-intrusive nature of the chatbot and availability of regional language support.
  • Blue Logic Digital successfully demonstrated that an AI chatbot can truly be man's best friend!



Reduction in phone calls



Increase in online bookings



Real-time responses
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