Read how a leading electronics retailer relies on an interactive chatbot driven by AI to boost customer engagement.


Sony Middle East and Africa, decided to adopt an AI solution to automate customer queries across UAE, KSA & Africa. The brand decided to deploy a chatbot to handle customer interactions across 4000 SKU’s, on the Sony MEA social media platforms.

The Challenge

The challenge was to address a large volume of enquiries across their social media platforms about products, recommendations, service centres, authorised distributors/retailers and promotions.

The Objectives

The objective for Blue Logic was to develop & design a chatbot that would support customers in the main regional languages i.e. English, Arabic & French.

The chatbot would be trained to provide information on:

  • Products such as product recommendations, new releases, product availability, comparison and pricing.
  • The closest stores & service centres based on the user’s location.
  • The professional services offered by the organization.
  • Contact details for both, professional & consumer requests.
  • Latest promotions & offers.

The Solution Delivered

Blue Logic Digital, designed a chatbot with an interactive user experience that included both guided & open conversations. The conversations were customized for each language through Google DialogFlow.

Entity extraction played a crucial role in the development of this bot, due to the extensive range of products & the various sub-categories that fall under them. The development team along with our in-house conversation designers, created multiple base-level data sets by identifying all the frequently asked questions. Each of these data sets helped in building the various machine learning components as well as tracked intents & responded to users based on the training.

Blue Logic delivered a chatbot with:

  • Dialogue Management for open conversations along with entity classification & extraction.
  • Conversational UI.
  • Bot failure algorithms.
  • Back-End system integrations for product data.
  • Google Maps Integration for store & service centre locators.
  • FAQ responses.
  • Deployment on Messenger.
  • Bot Analytics & Transcript tracking system.

The Value Added

Thorough research, a well-defined user journey & interactive engagement helped reduce the brand’s online queries by 50% as it helped the customer service team to focus on more streamlined queries,which the bot was not able to handle. Blue Logic also constantly monitors bot responses to customers aimint at reducing failures or understanding further areas for improvement.

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