Atlantis, The Palm

Read how we delivered an engaging Augmented Reality experience that could successfully drive 10x increased ROI for one of the world’s leading hotels in Dubai.


Atlantis The Palm is one of Dubai’s major tourist attractions. Popularly known as one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, and particularly well-known for its Lost Chambers – with underwater halls and tunnels housing a stunning variety of marine life. With many firsts to its name, it is a veritable touristic hotspot.

The Challenge

Every year, thousands of Chinese tourists visit the Atlantis hotel during the Chinese New Year holidays. The Marketing team at Atlantis wanted to find a way to drive engagement amongst the hotel’s large number of Chinese customers and encourage them to try out at least some of the hotel’s food and entertainment options.

However, they did not have extravagant marketing budgets. Moreover, with the tourist season just a couple of months away, they were hard-pressed for time to develop an engaging solution that could be delivered in time. To top it all, they knew that they would need to prove significant ROI on any proposed solution.

The Atlantis marketing team approached Blue Logic Digital for their ideas of a digital experience solution to meet their requirements.

The Solution Delivered

The Marketing team emphasized their audience insight – that the Chinese would love some innovative gamification, being used to a gamified retail environment back home. The team at Blue Logic Digital came up with the idea of a game-based Augmented Reality app, and designed a “Treasure Hunt” where hints would be placed within Atlantis The Palm’s major food and entertainment attractions.

Customers would have to book a table or purchase tickets, to have access to these hints (via QR codes, and point-and-shoot image recognition). Furthermore, this app was integrated with AliPay for ease of use, and customer data, available on the web in Chinese.

The Value Added

Treasure Hunt was a fantastic success! With over 3000 participations, the AR game app delivered a 10x increase in ROI. The tourists were led by the hints and the rewards in the Treasure Hunt to discover the many retail options with the Atlantis. Moreover, the Blue Logic Digital team was able to deliver the app live in just 1.5 months – in time to meet the peak tourist season.

    In this game, both The Atlantis and Team Blue Logic Digital proved winners!
Atlantis, The Palm

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