Read how we leveraged a multi-lingual conversational AI Chatbot for a leading regional electronics product manufacturer to enhance customer experience and draw consumer traffic, through efficient product query resolution.


Our client was a leading electronics product manufacturer with a presence in the Middle-East region, namely in the UAE, KSA, and Africa. With a catalog of over 4000 SKUs, the company mainly focused on selling these products via a network of distributors in the region.

The web-store allowed users to view the products online, but the shopping was routed via the distributor’s online store. In doing so, the brand received support queries related to inventory, new product releases, service centers, and product promotion and offers. Being a principal company, the customer service team had to engage with their consumers only via social channels as that was the main platform to receive queries.

  • Client:

  • Timespan:

    Jan’19 - June’20
  • Key focus:

    To educate people through AI
  • Service:

    Artificial Intelligence
  • Live Preview:


The Challenge

The company’s contact center team had a limited bandwidth that could only handle a few hundred queries per day, limiting their ability to attend to queries credibly and in real-time. Thus, customer experience was taking a hit and so, the company decided to explore the possibility of using AI conversational agents to handle their customer support queries from across the UAE, KSA, and Africa.

The brand chose to work with Blue Logic Digital as their partner to develop this Chatbot.

The Objectives:

The company briefed Blue Logic Digital to roll out a multi-lingual conversational AI bot to address customer queries in French, Arabic & English. Some of the key requirements for this interactive Chatbot were as follows:

  • Ability to provide information on:
  • Product
  • New Releases
  • Discontinued
  • Availability
  • Nearest Store based on customer's location
  • Product comparison
  • Product pricing
  • Promotions
  • Service centers
  • Ability to provide support on general queries

The Solution Delivered

Blue Logic Digital deployed a comprehensive tool – Google Dialogue Flow – to customize the entire conversational flow in a multi-lingual format, i.e. in French, Arabic, and English.

The key development technique used was entity extraction, which ensured that accurate and appropriate responses were given by the Chatbot. This entailed creating dynamic entities since product categories and sub-categories were fetched in JSON format.

The Blue Logic Digital AI team created base-level training datasets by identifying commonly asked questions. These datasets were then classified and mapped to a confidence score value. This helped in building the machine learning components to be able to track the intent and respond based on the cumulative scoring.

The solution involved undertaking the following tasks:

  • Dialogue management
  • User experience design – Conversational UI
  • Bot failure algorithms
  • Entity classification and extraction
  • Integration with backend systems for product data
  • Integration with Google Maps for store locators
  • Response for FAQ’s
  • Deployed on Facebook Messenger

The Value Added

Engaging with Blue Logic Digital for the AI Chatbot solution rendered valuable results.

  • Once the multilingual Chatbot was deployed, there was a 50% reduction in the number of queries that reached the contact center team for manual resolution.
  • Continuous monitoring of the Chatbot's responses and the intent of the customers' queries will lead to further reduction of queries that get passed on to the customer service staff.
  • The introduction of the AI Chatbot also delivered significant gains in terms of improving the contact center team's efficiency and productivity and left them with more time on hand to add value to the residual queries that were routed to them for manual resolution.
  • The AI Chatbot also enhanced the customer experience on the company's website and provided enhanced engagement.
  • All in all, the Chatbot was a winner, so was the company - and Blue Logic Digital as well!



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