List of contents

  • Introduction
  • Market Need for E-commerce. No Longer a Want.
  • What’s New in E-commerce?
  • Who likes being abandoned? No one.
  • How to evaluate the best performance of your portal?
  • Lastly, An important reminder :)!



E-tailing. E-commerce. Online Retail.

Definitely, no longer a trending term. Although, a lot of us have overused these terms nowadays.

A critical observation is that the e-commerce application is no longer a hyped-up want; instead, it is a current need of every industry. 

Significantly, the most critical industry that required its implementation pre-pandemic and post-pandemic has been the healthcare sector. 


Market Need for E-commerce. No Longer a Want.

2000 pharmacies in UAE. How many should have an e-commerce portal? ALL.

Why? Due to these reasons:

  • Never-Ending Prescriptions

Covid 19 spurred up the patient count and demand for medications greatly.

  • Never-Ending Expectations

As healthcare needs grew, so did the customer preferences and needs. Now, the patients want quick and affordable healthcare treatment and medications from the comfort of their homes. 

  • Never-Ending Complaints 

They demand highly effective last-mile delivery services that cut down on delivery times with first-class service expectations.

  • Never-Ending Growth

At the same time, pharmacies and healthcare units do not want to miss out on serving this gap need of the market. 

They intend to create their online presence and help their patients with the best medical services through an efficient e-commerce portal.


What’s New in E-commerce? 

No Form of Human Intervention – with speed being the highest-rated factor of effective e-commerce services, evolution in delivery continues to develop in its highest form through autonomous delivery via drones that overcome the challenges and setbacks brought in by humans.

Compound Marketing that Adds to Your Returns – while deducting your costs. Effective strategies include emphasizing improved site functionality, implementing cross-selling strategies, driving value-focused marketing, and advertising on Google and social media platforms.

Voice Commands Shopping Behavior –

Voice technology now commands search inquiries for products and drives quick purchases. Amazon Echo and Google Home are the early trendsetters of this technology.

However, this isn’t just limited to retail. One of the premium and luxurious resorts in UAE, Atlantis the Palm, also implements  voice technology through Alexa to automate its hotel bookings and restaurant reservation process.

Video AR Replacing Static Product Visuals – 

As technology continues to evolve, the consumer’s need to be greatly involved rises as well. The effort to maximize the online shopping experience is now being catered through augmented reality videos of product displays that present a holistic 360 view of the item and enhance its attractiveness.

Check out how Blue Logic Digital supported a premium hospital during the pandemic to transform its patient’s experience through a holistic 360 digital journey immersion.

AI leads the shopper’s journey: the current abandonment rate and bounce rate of e-commerce sites are usually due to irrelevant products displayed on the platform that don’t relate to the shoppers. 

As time is a constant challenge for humans. Artificial Intelligence supports the in-depth study of shoppers’ behavior on the e-commerce portal. It analyzes the cart abandonment rate, product page views, page sessions, and overall journey to present relevant products supported through personalized marketing campaigns.


Who likes being abandoned? No one. 

The success recipe to ensure that your pharmacy stands out is through the implementation of a good e-commerce platform that ensures a low cart abandonment rate. But what is defined as good?

A good e-commerce platform would be one where the customer;

  • Leads the Actions
  • Gains a Simple experience that gives the FOMO (Fear of Missing out) & WOW Factor.
  • Feels like their best experience would be guaranteed even with no staff assistance. 
  • Navigates independently through the site and quickly purchases their needs.
  • Has a Reason to Trust You: Displays information-rich product pages along with transparent descriptions. Don’t ask for unnecessary information in sign-up forms and payment processes.


How to evaluate the best performance of your portal?

Your portal must act as your partner.

  • Meets your Goals:  Be it Woocommerce, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, or Wix, your e-commerce portal must drive the user visits into conversions and ensure that your platform is at its best performance.
  • Thinks like a Patient: the problem, symptoms, product, medicine, frequency, and desired budget should be personalized to each buyer’s journey. With pharmacies now providing convenience through uploading prescriptions, consulting doctors, and providing custom medications according to patients’ needs, set reminders, update your medication lists, upload the time of medications consumption.
  • Take over their tedious tasks of document submissions for insurance or prescription approval. Check out our best work for Aster Online which conveniently serves the patient like a patient fulfilling all their needs on one platform.
  • Represents your Business’s Identity:  your portal creates more than just impressions and conversions. It helps patients differentiate your platform from others and evaluate your competitive advantage. Your e-commerce platform must include subtle design, quality speed, visuals, and a compelling call to action to cater to their expectations.
  • Ensures the Journey of Check-In & Out is Easy: Offer acceptable payment methods with relevant form fields to your target audience and market. Another critical aspect is to avoid sudden surprises about portal fees and taxes. If any, be completely transparent about all charges and service fees. The display order summary must be clearly presented and further integrated with emailers. Lastly, the form validation and error notifications must also be verified before the final submission of all details.
  • Updates Regularly & Checks Consistently: The use of an e-commerce platform is an everlasting process. Once it is live, your pharmacy must ensure regular content updates that include specific campaigns, festive offers, old or new product information, price changes, new product images, and discounts. Furthermore, regular SQL security checks and the right plugin integration verification are critical for every platform’s security.


Lastly, An important reminder :)!

Just because you are creating an e-commerce platform or in the process of modifying it doesn’t mean your customers will 100% rely on this for purchases now. Your e-commerce store is just another platform for your customer’s convenience, not the only one. 


Act Now, Gain More.

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