Born in 2015, Blue Logic Digital found its mission in its passion for technology.

About Us

What’s our story?

Heard of the widely popular automation that nearly every brand has invested in today – Chatbots
That’s where our journey began. We were all about and around chatbots. While automated technologies were gaining momentum in the Middle East, Blue Logic Digital decided to set up the initial base to deliver the right blend of automation and expertise for diverse brands and industries across the region. A few years later, when the market began experimenting more with technology, Blue Logic Digital stepped up to be the first mover and expanded its base from simply being known as an automation expert to Innovators in AI, AR, Machine Learning, Specialists across digital channels such as websites, e-commerce, apps and thoughtful strategists and content creators in UX UI and video production services. Along with this, our core strength stood out to be the humans of Blue Logic who made our services and expertise irreplaceable and trustworthy in the industry.
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What do we do?

We empower your brand to grow incrementally and stand out to its target customers by solving the “How, What, Why, Where, When” doubts that may arise during the adoption of technology.
Our expertise of 35+ developers, 5+ years of experience in the middle east, unmatched credibility justified through 5+ awards in innovation and experience with 30+ clients who express their satisfaction in our flexible approaches and communication enable us to build thought-provoking creations and engaging digital spaces that grow your community of customers through increased trust, satisfaction, and value.
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What’s our personality?

Our Vision

We aim to prove that “Digital” is more than just technology or marketing and help businesses develop the true potential of a digital ecosystem through immersive experiences.

Our Values

We live by our mantra. Excellence in every space.


We believe a good customer experience promotes good growth in business.


We encourage a healthy and positive work environment.


We never lose focus. Engaging with people lies at the heart of our business.


Reliability is in our DNA. We deliver beyond your expectations.

Our Culture & DNA – Blue Logic SLICE

Our flexible communication, diverse experienced backgrounds, strategic thought processes, creative concepts and committed team’s dedication serves the trusted identity of Blue Logic Digital in the industry of technology and digital communications today. Our culture supports beliefs and values of Sharing, Learning, Inspiring, Creating & Empowering.

B L U E   L O G I C   S L I C E

S:hare happiness
L:earn through enthusiasm
I: nspire through imagination
C: reate with passion
E: mpower through courage & action

Meet Our Thought Leaders

Janak Sarda

Abhinav Kottalgi

Chief Operating Officer & The Oldest Intern
Prajakti Ashish,

Chief Technology Officer
Sanjay Carvalho,

EVP - Content Studio
Gopakumar M,

AVP User Experiences & Design
Jyoti Balyan

Senior Executive Human Resources
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