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An engaging augmented reality gaming experience CASE STUDY
Out With the Scripted and in with Conversational AI Conversational Alexa Bot for Restaurant Booking Automation CASE STUDY 360° Marketing and Brand Awareness Cross-channel collateral design and implementation CASE STUDY Healthcare Virtual
Conversation AI enabled with appointment booking automation CASE STUDY

Why Choose Us

There are technology companies and there are creative agencies, and then there’s Blue Logic. We blend the cutting-edge technologies with intuitive designs to meet your business goals. Blue Logic is your partner for bringing innovation to market and to help you design, develop and deliver world’s first technologies. We put our hearts and minds at work for you, so you can put your ideas into action.

Where We Stand Out


Innovation at Our Core

Innovative technology solutions tailor-made for your business.


Not Just PoC’s

Successful track record of projects integrating new and emerging technologies.


Local Flavour. International Vision

Based in Dubai, we have a multidisciplinary and multilingual team, rendering digital experiences across the globe.


Cross Industry Expertise

Trusted by brands across healthcare, retail, hospitality, insurance, education, eCommerce, automotive, and entertainment.

Tech Opportunities Just for You

Trusted by Top Brands Across Various Industries

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Explore Our Projects