Ecommerce bot increases operational efficiencies at Aster


AI-driven eCommerce bot to handle product inquiries and customer support thereby increasing operational efficiency
Aster Online is one of the first pharmacies in the gulf to adopt the eCommerce route. With over 10000+ SKUs and a backend contact centre team of 20 Pharmacists who handled all product queries via phone calls, live website chat, and WhatsApp their response wait-time stood at about 5 minutes which was extremely frustrating for their customers.
As a solution, our team designed and developed a hybrid AI-driven ecommerce chatbot to handle product inquiries and customer support, driven by Conversation AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) that covered their key business use-cases and reduced the burden on their human resources.
Further, the conversations were made smoother and quicker to resolve through integrations of the chatbot with product databases, CRM, email, Whatsapp, and a customised UX/UI interface that humanised conversations and minimised live agent’s inquiry handover to just 10% of total sessions.


Aster Pharmacy