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What can Artificial Intelligence do for your brand?

Experience Custom AI Solutions that imitate human intelligence to streamline multipurpose processes that drive thoughtful decisions.

Solutions we offer

Computer vision

Achieve your business goals and vision to utilize technologies and models that extract rich insights from diverse visual data sets and deliver personalized experiences.

Image Recognition

We determine the right visuals through our image recognition API models to increase your audience engagement. This strikes the right balance between information and usability wants that a customer expects from the brand at the consideration stage.

Natural language processing

Identify patterns that unfold gaps in relationships for accurate and smooth flow of communication in various situations, primarily when the time and attention span of the customer is limited.

Speech recognition

As search inquiries get smarter, your brand needs to upskill its query resolution and customer service communications through text-to-speech or speech-to-text engines that communicate direct answers to meet the audience’s satisfaction levels.

Sentiment Analysis

Develop the reliance and trust of your customers through emotion recognition capabilities that recognize, differentiate and detect whether your customer is satisfied or confused with the brand’s communications and interactions.


Power your brand with conversational AI that supports bilingual communications across multi-channels such as WhatsApp, Websites, Mobile Apps, Messenger, Instagram and Twitter that expands your reach, attracts new business opportunities, promotes flexibility amongst employees and fulfils the needs of your prospects and users in real-time.

Why should you trust Blue Logic Digital for your custom AI solutions?

Our core team of AI experts, business analysts, and UI specialists have developed these concrete solutions for 30+ brands and won recognition for the accomplishments gained across several industries: education, healthcare, pharmacies, real estate, retail, hospitality, insurance and much more.

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