World’s Leading Hygiene brand Uses Conversational AI during COVID-19 lockdown


Lifebuoy stood out during the pandemic to protect and spread maximum awareness on safety precautions that would ensure the safety of the public. They also went beyond the standard measures, and developed Life Bot, through Bluelogic.
The aim of the web chatbot was to assist Lifebuoy’s customers with daily inquiries such as wellness tips and COVID-related queries including a guide to fighting COVID-19, tips, and FAQs.
The bot also assisted consumers in finding Lifebuoy items by listing the product catalogues and presenting detailed product information.
With the assistance of cutting-edge programming techniques, our team of expert UX designers, frontend and backend developers created a seamless experience. The Blue Logic team has made certain that users receive assistance with all of their requests through a well-designed mind map guided by natural conversation flows.