Digital Enhancement Empowers British Curriculum School


A prestigious school with firm historical roots originating from the UK enters the middle east for the 1st time.
Their challenge was to stand out to the diverse backgrounds of students present in the region.
Based on the school’s values, our team of experts built an experiential community that grew with the pace of technology and automation. From the first project handover beginning with the website development to the adaptation of a full-fledged digital transformation that included the creation of landing pages, conversational chatbots, social media content, video production, and 360 tours. The school was able to target diverse audiences with personalized messages integrated with animations, creative storytelling, and educational elements to ensure that the video was not just informative rather than delivered immersive experiences.
The goals were successfully accomplished by the educational institute as they were able to flourish in the Gulf Region within just a period of one year.
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Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai