Blue Logic Digital, recently hosted an engaging workshop SimplifAI in Dubai, demonstrating the immense possibilities of generative AI. From instant responses and refined prompts of multilingual bots to creating captivating advertising banners and innovative illustrations, we showcased how generative AI can revolutionize your marketing campaigns and digital presence.


As pioneers in the field, Blue Logic has been at the forefront of AI advancements for the past six years. Our commitment to delivering the perfect blend of automation and expertise led us to expand our offerings from automation to become innovators in AI, AR, machine learning, and digital channels.


Read the full article on Khaleej Times to learn more about our workshop and the transformative impact of generative AI on diverse industries. Discover how our targeted solutions are revolutionizing retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, and travel tech sectors. From enhancing ecommerce efficiency to transforming patient management, AI is reshaping the future.


Source: Khaleej Times