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      Computer Vision

      Face Recognition App

      Facial recognition, self-driving cars, and medical diagnostic robots are just some of the breakthroughs that became possible once computers could analyse visual data. At Blue Logic we develop custom applications incorporating computer vision capabilities to process, interpret and analyse images or videos. Our expertise in facial recognition led to the development of a cross-platform engine that enables the integration of this ability into applications with ease.

      FaceAI - Facial Recognition Engine

      Highly precise and reliable facial recognition in real-time that has applications in advertising, entertainment, and management of public spaces of workplaces. The engine offers a cross-platform software development kit, allowing custom system integrations and solution providers to easily integrate ultra-precise facial recognition and attribute detection into applications.

      FaceAI Features

      Reach out for a consultation to define how a Computer Vision-based solution can enhance customer satisfaction, drive business growth, and unlock exciting customer data and insights.

      FaceAI Digital Signages



      Ads displayed can be customised, based on the viewer profile.


      Sentiment Analysis

      Emotions of the audience can be captured and analysed.


      People Recognition

      Know the people who are engaging with your brand.


      Crowd Analytics

      Capture data about viewership numbers.


      Spend Analysis and ROI Calculation

      Monitor the performance of the advertisement and maximise your ROI.

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